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Artwork by Alba Llach Pou

About Piplettes

Where does the platform Piplettes, get its name? 


Let us give you a little hint…

  • pipette - an indispensable laboratory tool that biologists use to move small, precise volumes of liquid. It was invented by, yes, Louis Pasteur himself!

  • pipelette - in French, a very talkative or chatty person


As you may have guessed, Piplettes is produced by a group of scientists from the Institut Pasteur who, well, like to talk.


Piplettes is a free online platform dedicated to sharing the interesting, the fun, and the personal side of science. It is written by the people who have lived to tell the tale, the scientists themselves. 


Every article is built up in a close interaction between scientists and the editorial team. This interaction is based on a peer-reviewing system created to ensure excellent scientific and linguistic accuracy. Founded and run by PhD candidates at Institut Pasteur, Piplettes highly benefits from the support of the Communication and Education departments of Institut Pasteur. 


Let's explore together the science, and the scientists, behind the white coats and sophisticated terms.

Meet the team

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