Head of Managing and Design (co-Founder)

I am a PhD candidate in Neuroscience at the Institut Pasteur. I like exploring the brain and the world. My favourite sound is laughter and my motivation is curiosity. I think that science communication is essentially the sharing of this curiosity.


Head of Finance and Events (co-Founder)

I am a PhD candidate in Chemistry at the Institut Pasteur where I have fun mixing colorful substances and making quite spectacular chemical reactions. In my free time I love to learn about the world of startups and I dream of opening my own company. I love science as much as I love communicating it because I think that, with accurate and powerful communication, science can really make a difference.


Head of Submissions and Media (co-Founder)

I'm a PhD student in Neuroscience at the Institut Pasteur. I understand science as a way of looking at reality by observing, questioning, studying and understanding. This has always been my way of living and learning. I also believe that the knowledge we generate needs to be shared and used to improve people's lives. My dream is to help the field of medicine progress and make this progress accessible to everyone.


Head of Copy Editing and Translation (co-Founder)

I am a Phd Student in Neuroscience at the Institut Pasteur. I have always enjoyed sharing knowledge and having discussions, especially in the field of science. Actually, I believe that communication is one of the most powerful tools in our world. Science is super fun, but usually misunderstood. Therefore to combine communication and science is, to me, the perfect match. 


Thank you!

The Piplettes Team is extremely grateful to all the people that have collaborated to the realization of the project.


For the constant support, help and collaboration in the realization of the project from the very early stage the team thanks the Head of the Graduate Office Dr Deshmukh Gopaul, the Dean of the PPU program Dr Nathalie Pardigon, the former Dean of the PPU program Dr Susanna Celli, the Director of the Education Department Dr Monica Sala.


For the positive assessment of Piplettes, helpful feedback, collaboration and assistance in the implementation of the project the Piplettes team thanks all the Department of Communication and in particular the editorial managers Eliza Jones and Aurélien Coustillac, the web team manager Hervé Bichot, the head of the Communication department at the Institut Pasteur Florence Percie du Sert and the Director of Communications-Scientific Outreach Dr Jean-François Chambon. For artwork contribution to the website and the logo design, the Piplettes team thanks Alba Llach Pou and Mălin Neamțu.


For the networking support the Piplettes team thanks the Department of Education, the PPU Committee, StaPa, Dr Mariana Mesel-Lemoine and MAASCC.


Finally, the Piplettes team gives a special thank you to all the authors (Courtney Thomas, Olivier Postal, Dr Anaïs Chapel, Maylis Layan), specialist editors (Dr Jake Wintermute, Prof Hervé Bourhy, Dr Sarah Temmam, Dr Marco Vignuzzi, Prof Dominique Franco), copy editors (Dr Cassandra Koh, Kyrie Grasekamp, Elsa Charifou, Jang-Mi Kim), translators (Yann Aquino, Enzo Peroni, Marion Rincel, Emile Auria) and Ilustrators (Alicia Calvo VillamananSunny Pydugadu) that have agreed to take part in the realisation of the pilot of the project. Piplettes wouldn’t have become real without them!