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Editors’ Notes: Science for Progress and Progress for Peace

    The Piplettes team believes that defending world peace is not a personal opinion but a core human value. It is particularly important now to stand for these values. As scientists, we bear witness and commitment to scientific progress and technological advancement as products of collaboration beyond national boundaries. Piplettes itself sprung from such a collaborative international environment. It is both our scientific and moral duty to help humanity, advance our society, and build our future together. 


    We must remember that violence does not resolve conflicts; it only breeds cruelty and sorrow; it only ushers in the suffering and misery of many. For the past few years of the COVID pandemic, we have learned that mankind is stronger when we collaborate and band together against a common adversary instead of against each other. Given the ongoing geopolitical crisis, we wish to share with you a few words from an open letter written and currently signed by over 100 of fellow scientists in Russia in demonstration of solidarity: “We are convinced that all problems in relations between our countries [Russia and Ukraine] can be resolved peacefully.” Piplettes strongly shares those views, which could have not been said better: “We demand peace for our countries. Let's do science, not war!” [1] 


    A plea for peace is a plea for science, and therefore, for progress. With a heavy heart and an open mind, we leave you with the wise words of our Institute’s founder, Louis Pasteur–words which we believe are now as relevant as ever:  “Science and Peace will triumph over Ignorance and War. [...] Nations will unite, not to destroy, but to build, and that the future will belong to those who will have done most for suffering humanity.” [2]


Yours sincerely,


Piplettes' editorial team.

[1] An open letter from Russian scientists and science journalists against the war with Ukraine, Brussels Correspondent, February 24 (2022) 


[2] LOUIS PASTEUR, speech at celebration honoring his seventieth birthday, the Sorbonne, Paris, France, December 27, 1892. René Vallery-Radot, The Life of Pasteur, trans. Mrs. R. L. Devonshire, vol. 2, p. 297 (1902).

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